Don't Judge a Book by its Cover: Lamb Carcass Quality and Yield (3 video clips)
Lamb Carcass Quality and Yield: Clip 1

Lamb Carcass Quality and Yield: Clip 2

Lamb Carcass Quality and Yield: Clip 3

Videos Hosted by Jack Kyle, OMAFRA


Spring Turn Out With Jack Kyle


Temporary Sheep Fencing With Jack Kyle


Sheep Safely Graze With Jack Kyle


Grazing June Grasses With Jack Kyle


Grazing Corn [Maize] With Jack Kyle

RFID Tagging Videos

Videos are provided courtesy of Canadian Sheep Federation

Click on any video to view it. Each video is between 1 and 2 minutes in length.
We recommend that you view all videos in the right order the first time you view them.

Video 1: Why Tag?


Video 5: How to Restrain Animals


Video 2: When to Tag


Video 6: Where to Place the Tag


Video 3: Tagging Systems


Video 7: Tagging with Shearwell


Video 4: Hygiene


Video 8: Tagging with Allflex