News Release – Risk Management Program Available for Sheep Producers


A Foundation is Laid for Ontario Agriculture

Guelph June 30, 2011

With the announcement by Ontario Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Carol Mitchell, in Perth County yesterday, of an Ontario Risk Management Program (RMP), Chris Kennedy, OSMA Chair, considers that “the seed has been planted for Ontario farmers and shepherds to develop and grow their enterprises on a business approach basis”.

Markus Wand, OSMA Director and OSMA’s representative to the Ontario Agricultural Sustainability Coalition,  (OASC) states that he is ”very pleased to see that the program is now a reality and he thanks Ministers Mitchell and Dombrowski, the Ontario Government, all OSAC partners and more recently OMAFRA and Agricorp for their hard work and dedication to get the program underway.” He further states,” it is his hope that the program can be further developed to include the participation of the federal government”

RMP was first announced in the March Ontario budget. It is an insurance program with premiums and payments triggered when the cost of production and market prices do not provide for returns to producers. The members of OASC come from the beef, pork, sheep, veal, fruit and vegetable and grain industries plus OFA and CFFO and although there are differences between the industries they worked for mutually beneficial outcomes for all.

Details on the program can be found in the “News” section on the homepage of the OMSA website, any of the OASC partners websites and the OMAFRA website. 

For further information:

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