PROJECT # OFIP 0007- Maedi-Visna in Sheep and Potential Interaction with Mycobacterium avium spp. Paratuberculosis (MAP)

Applicant: Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency

Timeline: September 2013 – September 2015

Objective: This project will investigate the prevalence of Maedi Visna Virus(MVV) and MAP co-infection in Ontario sheep flocks, and will investigate how MVV and MAP infection and co-infection alters the host immune response.

Immune Responses to Maedi-Visna Infection


Understanding Maedi-Visna
Identifying Infection, Improving Flock Health and Increasing Profits


PROJECT # GF2 0352 - Development of Sheep Welfare Videos

Applicant: Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency 

Timeline: September 2015 - December 2016

Objective: To produce a series of innovative consumer-facing videos on animal welfare regarding the Ontario sheep industry. These five 5-minute videos will be designed to cover animal care and handling procedures and provide consumers with information on how sheep in the province are cared for and will be aligned with the national Codes of Practice for sheep.

Growth Strategy 

Applicant: Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency 

Timeline: February 2016 - February 2017 

Objective: To develop a comprehensive picture of the ecnomic and financial health of the sheep, lamb and wool indsutry in Ontario, including the development of metrics and data collection to conduct the required analysis to strategically allocate resources to maximize industry growth and profitability.

PROJECT # GF2 0180 - Price Predictability 

Applicant: Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency 

Timeline: June 2014 - March 2017

Objective: To build a web-based price predictability tool that can be used to forcast lamb prices. This resource will provide decision-making information in light of significant increases in price volatility and will act as a market risk mitigation tool. 

PROJECT # R15-4 - Nutritional Value and Integration of Hybrid Willow and Poplar as Fodder for Sheep

Applicant: Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre

Timeline: May 2015 - March 2017

Objective: To objectives of the project include: (i) determine growth and yield of hybrid poplar/willow and native tree regrowth with and without livestock integration; (ii) determine preferences of sheep fodder varieties/tree species; (iii) determine body condition score and weight changes when sheep are provided a high fodder diet; (iv) investigate practical applications of fodder crops as alternative feed (windrows, alleys) and; (v) determine economic attractiveness of perennial fodder as alternative feed of sheep through costs benefit analysis.

PROJECT # R15-1 - Development of a vaccine to protect against Toxoplasma gondii

Applicant: Dr. Sarah Wootton, University of Guelph

Timeline: March 2015 - September 2017

PROJECT # R15-1 - Development of a respiratory vaccine for sheep

Applicant: University of Saskatchewan

Timeline: April 2015 - March 2018

Objective: To identify the causative infectious agents of acute septicaemia and pneumonia deaths in Canadian feeder lambs and to then develop protective vaccines against these infectious agents to reduce morbidity and mortality losses.

PROJECT # R15-3 - Investigation of Immune Response of Sheep to Gastrointestinal Nematode

Applicant: Dr. Paula Menzies, University of Guelph

Timeline: April 2015 - March 2018

Objective: The objectives of this project are to: (i) describe the immune response of replacement ewes for gastrointestinal nematode parasite infection, over their first and second grazing seasons in Ontario; (ii) identify phenotypic variation in the immune response of these same animals to gastrointestinal nematode parasite infection, particularly to Haemonchus contortus and; (iii) identify the relationship between stress and general immune responses of sheep and the immune response to the gastrointestinal parasitism particularly to H. contortus