The Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency is involved in developing and delivering programs for sheep producers that may assist them to better their own farming operations.  Programs have been developed to address areas such as flock health, marketing, biosecurity, record keeping as well as traceability. 

The Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency Board of Directors is very committed to putting resources toward research. Partnering with other organizations wherever possible to work on projects provides better value as we can share expertise and resources and leverage funds.

In the past, the Research Committee met to develop priorities for the Ontario Sheep Industry. The priorities are used to determine which projects will receive funding dollars. The priorities don’t necessarily change year to year as it takes a few years to work through some of the identified areas. The list is not prioritized from most important to least important. The research priorities identified are listed with most of them as equally important as the next.

OSMA and the Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) held a meeting in August 2013 to develop a Sheep Research Strategy. This strategy has been approved by the OSMA Board and will serve as the new research priorities. 

Ontario Sheep Research Strategy - New Priorities

Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) website